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Unlimited Hosting Reseller

Become a provider of domain names, certificates, VPS hosting accounts, dedicated hosting plans and unlimited top reseller hosting packages, and start offering them on behalf of your own brand. US (Peer1), UK (BlueSquare), Swedish (Bahnhof) and Aussie (Global Switch) data center facilities.


Website Hosting Reseller Plans

I still have a cPanel reseller web hosting account with another company, but am intent on transferring it over to Resellers Panel, because they have a cPanel reseller hosting program as well. Thus far, they have been able to provide me with a great customer support service and I am sure that my shared hosting, virtual server, semi-dedicated server web hosting and dedicated customers will receive a similar kind of professional assistance. The cPanel customers, though, remain my duty, so I consider transferring them over to a non-cPanel web hosting platform in order to concentrate more on the marketing aspect.


Become Web Hosting Reseller

There is a very easy answer to that inquiry. When picking a hosting plan, it's always better to pick an established hosting corporation, which has been in business for several years, and which provides web site hosting solutions worldwide. Such web hosting vendors can be easily identified by the way in which they are offering their web site hosting plans. An established web hosting plans provider will not merely offer carefully balanced web hosting and reseller web hosting solutions, but it will also provide features that are only theirs and that set them apart from all the other hosting vendors.


Linux Web Hosting Reseller

This method is not novel and has been increasing in popularity as a way to earn a good profit on the side. It can be a significant source of revenue for you as well, but that entirely depends on how serious you are about devoting time to seducing clients. Yep, alluring customers - that is your primary job as a web hosting reseller, even though, depending on the reseller web hosting solutions provider you are using, you might need to also create your web site and charge and support your customers yourself.


Hosting Reseller API

Most corporations supply Linux-based hosting solutions. Linux is a multi-user platform, which is very suited for both dedicated hosting and shared web hosting servers. The usual reseller hosting scheme that corporations provide is the cPanel one, since the cPanel hosting Control Panel tool offers three levels of access - root (retained for the web hosting supplier itself), reseller (that is where you come in) and user (for your clients).


Best US Web Hosting Resellers

In order to be a web hosting reseller and kick off your reseller hosting business, you require a web site, an invoicing software system, a merchant account with a payment processor like PayPal, WorldPay, MoneyBookers, 2CheckOut, and so on, and a Secure Sockets Layer certificate to ensure that your clients' details are guarded when they pay using your web site when purchasing a web hosting product.